Nuno Palha
Nuno Palha
entrepreneur during the day. artist at night.
Photographer, Director, Digital Artist.
Born in Lisbon in 1979.
Started Photographing at a very early age.
In 2004, after travelling the world for 5 years, came back to Portugal and slowly started his career.
Studied Photojournalism in CENJOR.
Studied Painting in SNBA and in Almeida Coval private Atelier
Made several photography exhibitions.
In 2012 was considered one of the best Wedding Photographers in the World by BOWP Association.
Nuno worked with more than 250 clients and  brands such as LVHM, Kenzo, Adidas, Revista Cristina, Pais&Filhos, Dome4U, Novartis Oncology, etc.
Nuno has been working internationally since 2011 in places such as: Italy, France, Romania, Dubai, Caribean, India, UK, Greece.
In 2019 retired from Wedding Photography.
Nuno currently works with individual clients for creative projects, or brands for commercial projects.
He is also the founder of Strawland.
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